The Well Within Is Here!
"The Well Within" by Kalia Garrido - Now Available in Paperback and Kindle

The Well Within Is Here!

Hello! I’m so excited to announce that my new book, The Well Within: Unlocking Your Personal Power Through Radical Self-Care, is finally available. I’m thrilled to be able to share this book with you!

The Well Within is a manifesto that details how people can dive into their own inner journey to uncover their truly radiant, authentic self. Practicing these methods has allowed me to tap into the most profound sense of joy, well-being and personal power... and now it’s your turn.

When you’re guided to a book like this, it’s because you have a strong desire to feel better in your daily life. That desire is a gift - it's your calling to go deeper into the magic that exists for those who are seeking it.

In The Well Within, my mission is to help people who, just like me, want more than just to skim over the surface of life. The book contains 5 Key Life Lessons that will help you learn to:

  • Truly Know Yourself
  • Watch What You Take On and In
  • Watch What You Give Out
  • Treat Yourself Lovingly
  • Expect the Awesome

These life lessons will help you unlock your personal power which is already within you, despite your outside circumstances. There are also many bite-sized "Truth Bombs" sprinkled throughout the book for quick tips and tricks to help keep you moving forward on your inner path.

I’m so thrilled to share this book with you. Thank you all so much for helping to support me along the way. This has been such a journey!

Get ready to go deep and tap into your own Well Within.

Much love and gratitude,

*NOTE: If you are in the Denver, CO area, I'd love to meet you at our Book Launch Party, where we will celebrate with friends, food, and drinks. Please RSVP Here to Reserve Your Space



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Written by

Kalia Garrido

Kalia Garrido

Denver, CO
Kalia Garrido founded HWL in 2017. She is a passionate inspirer of women leaders and champion for healthy living. She is a life-long fitness fan who strives to bring mindfulness into everyday life.