Mae Yang
Mae Yang

Mae Yang

Mae Yang is the founder of Meg Financial Wellness. She is a savvy business woman, mother of 5, author of the chapter “The Rule Breaker” in the recently-released book “Journey to Now”, and bad-boss patriarchy smasher.

Mae Yang is a Financial Strategist and Medicare Specialist.

She worked in the government for many years before applying her expertise to her own business. In 2015 she founded MEG Financial Wellness. Mae now educates people on personal financial wellness, with a special focus on wealth building aka: getting ahead with money.

She is also the author of a chapter called “The Rule Breaker” in the recently-released book “Journey to Now” which chronicles deeply honest stories of healing, self-discovery, and transformation. Mae is the mother to 5 children and, I’m proud to say, my neighbor.

In this interview, Mae shares her perspective on some of the most important life lessons that we all need to know:

  1. Not taking 'no' for an answer when it's something important to you
  2. Believing in yourself even/especially when no one else does
  3. Fighting through your personal insecurity
  4. Overcoming Mom guilt
  5. Going after your dreams to create the life you want

She also educates me about Hmong culture and blew my hair back with her journey to rise up from under a serious patriarchy to become an independent, business-owning power woman. YES!

To find out more about Mae or to purchase her book, please visit her website.



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Kalia Garrido

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