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Summer Solstice Celebration

Join HWL and special guest Ashley DePaulis as she leads an online group of women through a private celebration of the summer solstice.

We Believe In This

HWL is dedicated to encouraging women leaders to unapologetically focus on their health, develop their personal power, and identify a kick-ass community of like-minded people.

Physical Health

Working towards an overall physical well-being by way of nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest and rejuvenation.

Spiritual Health

Defining and connecting to a personal hope, purpose, and peace. Spiritual health can greatly influence all other areas of life.

Professional Health

Driving toward consistent progress, with long and short term plans/goals for an enjoyable and profitable career.

Emotional / Mental Health

Developing and sustaining happiness, confidence, and resilience through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Social Health

Creating and maintaining mutually satisfying interpersonal relationships with positive people.

Intellectual Health

Seeking out, and being open to, new ideas and concepts to continue the lifelong learning process.

What's Our Why

HWL is dedicated to encouraging women leaders to unapologetically focus on their health, develop their personal power, and identify a kick-ass community of like-minded people.
Women Are
more likely to become depressed than men
There is a higher likelihood of depression, anxiety, and mental fatigue among women leaders.
Women Make Up
of all managers in the workforce
Women are scarcely represented in leadership and it gets worse as you climb the corporate ladder.
Women Earn
to each dollar made by a man
Women earn $0.78 or less to the man’s dollar. Awareness and action are key to helping fix this issue.
Women Still Do
more of the unpaid work at home
Women are prone to taking on too much in life - at home, in relationships, in the family, in business.


June 4th, 2020

Black Lives Matter

In light of the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor (and so many more before them), our society is now at an inflection point that cannot, and should not, be denied. Before any social posting or usual content sharing can go on, I feel compelled to express that Healthy Women Leaders stands for 100% equality for Black people everywhere. We stand for the Black Lives Matter movement.

May 27th, 2020

Resurgence of Life Beyond COVID-19: A Fitness Industry Perspective

Unlike our generation’s biggest challenges of the past, including 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis, COVID-19 has required us to look in the mirror and evaluate the strength and resilience of our own bodies. This pandemic made our vulnerability to the world’s biggest problem very personal because it questioned whether our physical habits are putting our bodies in the optimal position to survive.

May 21st, 2020

Moving Forward with Travel Plans During a Pandemic

It is no surprise the travel industry was one of the hardest hit industries in the pandemic we are all facing. Since February I have found myself spending a lot more time re-booking clients’ dream trips to next year than creating new ones. We have all had to shift, pivot and get creative to keep our lives and businesses going. It feels like we've gone backwards from thriving to surviving.

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