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WOTC Leadership Summit West 2021

The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit West is the meeting place for women from across the IT channel who are looking to advance organizational diversity, make unmatched connections, and empower and cultivate women leaders. Attendees benefit from best-in-class thought leadership, motivational keynotes, channel trends, stimulating workshops, interactive peer panels and energizing networking opportunities ─ all focused on navigating the workplace and helping them develop their professional, corporate and personal goals.

We Believe In This

HWL is dedicated to encouraging women leaders to unapologetically focus on their health, develop their personal power, and identify a kick-ass community of like-minded people.

Physical Health

Working towards an overall physical well-being by way of nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest and rejuvenation.

Spiritual Health

Defining and connecting to a personal hope, purpose, and peace. Spiritual health can greatly influence all other areas of life.

Professional Health

Driving toward consistent progress, with long and short term plans/goals for an enjoyable and profitable career.

Emotional / Mental Health

Developing and sustaining happiness, confidence, and resilience through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Social Health

Creating and maintaining mutually satisfying interpersonal relationships with positive people.

Intellectual Health

Seeking out, and being open to, new ideas and concepts to continue the lifelong learning process.

What's Our Why

HWL is dedicated to encouraging women leaders to unapologetically focus on their health, develop their personal power, and identify a kick-ass community of like-minded people.
Women Are
more likely to become depressed than men
There is a higher likelihood of depression, anxiety, and mental fatigue among women leaders.
Women Make Up
of all managers in the workforce
Women are scarcely represented in leadership and it gets worse as you climb the corporate ladder.
Women Earn
to each dollar made by a man
Women earn $0.78 or less to the man’s dollar. Awareness and action are key to helping fix this issue.
Women Still Do
more of the unpaid work at home
Women are prone to taking on too much in life - at home, in relationships, in the family, in business.


November 11th, 2021

Women of the Channel - Leadership Summit Information

You were at the WOTC Summit? I was at the WOTC Leadership Summit! What a divine coincidence. Let's be buds :) Read on for resources and more information about what we can do together next.

May 2nd, 2021

Unlock Interviews: Julie Hudson - Breathwork Instructor

Julie is the founder of Purpose Breathwork. She teaches people to release anxiety and stress, and build resilience and inner calm, all through the power of the breath. Julie is a certified BREATHE™ Instructor and a Certified Pause Breathwork Facilitator.

September 20th, 2020

Unlock Interviews: Lena Moon - Social Alchemist

Lena Moon is an intuitive, a creative, and an all-around beautiful spirit. She is a social alchemist exploring the intersection of healing, self-expression, and art. Her personal objective is to live a healthy, vital life embodying free and inspired expression and to help facilitate the same in others.

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